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As a teacher and principal, I have seen firsthand how the quality of a child's education determines their future prospects. I believe that every child deserves a great education. We need to work together as a community to ensure all families have access to one because our future depends upon it. This is my top priority.  We get there by creating opportunities for kids, promoting investment and partnership in our community, making sure families that grew up here can find work here and afford to stay here, small businesses have the support they need to survive and that as our community grows and changes, we do it together. 


Parents right now are struggling with working and being their child’s teacher. Kids across our city are falling behind academically, socially and emotionally. As a parent, I too am balancing this right now, and it’s not easy. We need to focus on getting students back into schools safely, with the supports they need to be caught up, and resources for families to get back to normal after the trauma and challenges of this time in New York City. I have the educational leadership as a principal, and as someone who currently advises schools and districts across the country, to ensure that our values of equity and diversity drive our return to school. 

It was important to me that my son attend not just a diverse school, but a diverse classroom, and this is something I believe all families should have access to - not just families who have the resources to attend the school that they want. This is what led me to run for Community Education Council 13, to be part of the work across my son’s school community to work toward an anti-racist school district that supports all students. 

It would be my privilege to work with the community of District 39 and support the needs of all families in our district and use my educational experience and organizational and leadership skills to ensure all of our students can attend diverse, well-resourced schools and that our community can thrive through and beyond this current pandemic.



Our community has the solutions within, which is why we need someone with a history of engaging communities to bring about change to lead us in the next phase of our city. As your councilmember, I will continue asking about the issues that are affecting you, listen to the solutions, and advocate, in partnership with community members, for the solutions that will serve our community best. This has been the foundation of my leadership style over the last two decades, and I will be bringing this to my role as council member as well.